Boulder Rotary Club Foundation


The Boulder Rotary Foundation was founded in 1994 by The Boulder Rotary Club to receive and maintain funds to advance the Club's objectives, purposes and programs.


Boulder Rotary and non-Rotary members who contribute directly to the Foundation's endowment are recognized by the Whitehead Fellow program. Donated funds are used to support the Club's community service activities - scholarships, community service grants, literacy programs, etc. Unrestricted funds are distributed solely for the benefit of Boulder County charitable organizations.


New board members of the Foundation are elected by the Trustees of the Foundation.


Crayons to Calculators was the first recipient of the BRC Foundation's Major Grant - which awarded $150,000 over a 3-year period.


Bill Meyer is the Board Liaison for the Boulder Rotary Club Foundation and John Sullivan is the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Boulder Rotary Club Foundation.


Please send donations/correspondence to:

Boulder Rotary Club Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 743

Boulder, CO 80306