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The Meeting Management Committee uses technology and stage-manager-ship to bring the meeting together each week. Sounds & images are gathered and transmitted through audio speakers and two video projectors on 2 large screens located so everyone can enjoy Club meetings.

Meeting Management co-chairs Geoff Leopold and Steve Walker help keep the Club's meetings running smoothly. Club officers and Committees use their good offices to bring things to Club members' attention by setting up displays, distributing and collecting materials, and facilitating the exchange to paperwork at a meeting.

For information for program presenters to engage the Meeting Management Committee for their audio-visual needs, please download "BRC Presenter A/V Guidelines" from the Download section.  

The Meeting Management Committee is delighted to help you and the Program Committee with your presentation! We look forward to meeting you on the day you speak.

  • One Club member will introduce you and your presentation.
  • Another Club member in the audience will rise at 1:30 p.m. to conclude the program and thank you for your presentation.
  • Our Club will seek publicity, typically after you speak, based on your presentation. We prepare about 325 copies of an electronic and printed weekly newsletter, the RIB - Rotary In Boulder, to our members and the families of former Club members.
  • We also send a press release to local media. If you prefer The Club not seek media publicity, please let us know and we will comply with your wishes.

Please let us know of other ways we can be of assistance when your presentation date is confirmed. We will do our very best to help. Many thanks from the Boulder Rotary Club Meeting Management Committee! Geoff Leopold and Steve Walker can be reached through the Boulder Rotary Club Office - 303-554-7074.