Preserve Planet Earth

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Preserve Planet Earth Committee 


To create a foundation where Boulder Rotary Club members and Boulder community at large can connect with one another, contribute useful information, exchange valuable resources that will enhance sustainable practices for all concerned. Goals of sustainable practices include: zero waste, recycling, make the most of reuse, wild land/wildlife protection, and urban open space creation and protection.


To envision peace through environmentally conscious actions in harmony with local community resources to avoid depletion of natural resources and cultures.

Balanced livelihood thru environmental understanding and sustainable practices are critical component for peace and coexistence of people and their surrounding natural environment. PPE supports and encourages sponsored initiatives that demonstrate systems to achieve and enact holistic, social, economic, and environmental sustainability for our most immediate environments and the world at large.

PPE supports and recognizes activities that inspire long-term environmental stewardship in every realm of service that contributes to peace, health and education for all concerned. 


Some tips from District 5450: 

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse Tips

  • Give a hand. Forgo the typical gift and help a village survive and thrive. Purchase a heifer, seeds or drops to eliminate polio. Donate money to local rotary clubs to bring clean water to small villages in Nicaragua, Dominica Republic, and Pakistan or wherever help is needed. Donate to a cause that shows results. Purchase a ShelterBox and know that your donation helped lend dignity to a family who lost their home.
  • Join Together. Having a party? Invite your guests to bring a grocery store gift card instead of a gift. Collect and donate to a local women’s shelter or food bank. Gift cards can be used for gas, diapers and items desperately needed in a crisis.
  • Buy local products. Many Rotary Clubs, schools and non-profits have fundraisers that sell trees, poinsettias, bake sales, plants, and crafts. Buy local and help reduce transportation costs. Buy local to support local businesses and stay connected to your community.
  • Listen up. Recycle your old cell phones. Contact Call2Recycle and they will direct you to a local organization ( to assist you.
  • Get old fashioned. Nix the colorful paper plates and stick with grandma’s best china. Reuse to reduce!
  • One Stop Flying. If you’re going to take a flight to grandma’s house – then try non-stop flights. Fewer take offs and landing equal less damage to the environment.
  • Become an artist. Give up wrapping paper and get creative. Use a holiday towel, brown bags, sports pages, magazine ads, maps, old posters and scarfs to wrap your gifts. Or visit your local thrift store and purchase some baskets, mugs or canisters to use instead.
  • Lead with LED. By now you’ve heard of LED lights. They cost more initially but over time, use less energy and use semiconducting material rather than incandescent filaments, are 90 percent more efficient than traditional Christmas lights.
  • Get indignant. Refuse to buy items with excessive packaging. The best way to make a statement is to spend your money elsewhere. Write to the company and let them know why you went with another product. Zero waste begins with the manufacturer – let them know it matters.

Jim Rudosky & Merrill Glustrom are the co-chairs of this committee.