At a reception at Carelli’s, Boulder Rotary Club honored 28 members of BRC who became a new Paul Harris Fellow or achieved a new PHF level. A Paul Harris Fellow is one for whom $1,000 in cumulative donations has been contributed to The Rotary Foundation. These funds support the work of Rotary around the world. Annual fun and PolioPlus contributions qualify for Paul Harris credit.  Of BRC’s 220 members, 133 are Paul Harris Fellows.
The following members became a new Paul Harris Fellow or a achieved a new PHF level:
PHF: Joanna Cain, Marlene Wojcik, Judy Pitt, Lawrence Drees, Gary Kahn, George Durazzo, John Sullivan, Chris Coker, George Browning
PHF+1: Cynda Collins Arsenault, George Browning, Marilynne Tarrall
PHF+2: Carol Gorsuch, Paul Jerde, Tom Stiers, Maria Roditis, Yani Roditis
PHF+3: Diana Sherry
PHF+2,3,4: Grant Couch
PHF+4: Pam Hyink, Sally Brown,
PHF+5: Norma Ekstrand, Deborah Kelly, Bill Moore
PHF+5,6: Bill Hofgard
PHF+6: Darryl Brown, Lanny Pinchuk
PHF+8: Dorothy Rupert
Major Donor Level 1: Sharon Svendsen